Make a splash with watercolour

9 Jul

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Using masking fluid, a ruling pen and your favourite summer colours, you can create a unique, bright and summery greeting card.

At Slanchogled we love to experiment and masking fluid allows you the freedom to try out a design and then quickly rub away what doesn’t work, leaving no trace.Post photos july2

Once you’ve settled on a design or message simply add your favourite colours and the message will be left beneath.

Watercolour adds a beautiful sense of freedom and lightness to your card – capturing the joy of summer for you to share with a loved one.

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Glass Jars

19 Dec

Ranging from tiny to large, our jars are a great start to a creative project. Whether it be for Christmas or general, our jars can be transformed into many crafts or be used for many purposes.

Fill them with oils, herbs, dried flowers or put small trinkets inside.

They are a great way of storing and showing off items, or even perhaps using the small jars for jewellery themselves.

Glass Jars

Drawing Models

13 Dec

At just 32 cm tall our wooden figures have the exact proportions of a human body making them the ideal present for aspiring artists. These lifelike figures are also great fun to personalise and, with the help of our felt section, would make a striking nativity scene. So whether you’re looking to create realistic observational drawings or just festive Father Christmases our drawing models are sure to add a sparkle to your Christmas.  Also look out for our petite 13cm figures a wonderful bargain at just 2.75 a piece.

Drawing reference figures


12 Dec

Music Instruments

Spark your creativity this Christmas with our beautiful collection of maracas and tambourines. Carved out of rough poplar wood our instruments serve as a blank canvas to create both art and music. Our diverse range of mediums mean that we’re perfectly equipped to help you create an instrument representative of your personality; whether you want to graffiti it with posca pens or create collages with decoupage papers.

Handmade Lampshades

12 Dec

Handmade and designed by one of our very own Slanchogled team these lampshades will be an eye-catching piece in any room. Our new designs of lamp shades – popular for Christmas gifts are easy to assemble and a pleasure to personalize.


They can be decoupaged or painted, covered in glitter or left in their natural state. They also come flat packed so they can be given as gifts or you can but them prepared so they are ready to hang as soon as you get home.


These lampshades will definitely get your guests talking and will inspire creativity.

A Krafty Delight

11 Dec

“Brown paper packages tied up with strings. These are a few of my favourite things”


Wrapped up presents carefully placed beneath the Christmas tree bring about a feeling of excitement and wonder. Have the small ones got jewellery inside, or perhaps a fluffy jumper in the larger one. What ever it may be, when we see a beautifully decorated box our imaginations are free to run wild as to what may lie inside.


At Slanchogled we have a large selection of kraft paper boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes perfect for wrapping and decorating for Christmas. With a dash of some wrapping paper, a sprinkle of raffia and a final touch of a colourful tag these boxes will stand out beneath even the biggest tree.

10424266_785703078143102_4276999484192896795_n 1911796_785702554809821_7994747862099590220_n

They are also ideal for some winter crafts. We have pre-cut doll houses ready to decorated to your delight. Perhaps you could make Santa’s workshop? Or a Christmas house decorated with lights and snow? You could place the reindeer’s on the roof or make a magical house filled with toys and some of our charm teddy bears. The possibilities are endless to make this season filled with creativity.



Birch Bark for your Christmas Crafts

6 Dec

Candles, present wrapping, flower arrangements, these are just a few of the crafts that include a beautiful sheet of birch bark.

Birch bark sheets appear easy to cut and glue, great for modelling and decoration. We stock the bark in 4 sizes.


Festive Felting

5 Dec

“It’s so heart felt it’ll make your heart melt” Oscar Tobin

We’ve added the final touches to our Felt Christmas display with a beautiful selection of festive colours ranging from Rudolf Red to Forest Green. Our petite A6 packs are perfect for family Christmas projects while our blanket sized felt is sure to warm up cold winter rooms. So come and shelter from the icy December weather in Slanchogled; we promise our Christmas gifts will make even Santa’s Elves jealous!

10427223_779844292062314_140036170677595773_n 10556472_779844285395648_2495619717049274537_n 10410838_779844242062319_5090979828787148594_n 10426521_779844245395652_2276862319799502577_n 10454312_779844248728985_3292307972435567665_n

Christmas Cards and wrap

4 Dec

Small ones, big ones, long ones, and short ones. Presents come in all shapes and sizes and all can be beautifully presented with beautiful wrapping paper. We have a vast selection of paper with glorious designs and prints which are prefect for wrapping or even for giving as a gift itself. Vintage maps and butterfly prints are just a couple of the prints that would look wonderful in a frame.


Additionally, to go alongside your beautiful printed paper we have a range of Christmas cards which accommodate for all ages and personalities. With glittering stars, festive bunting and winter illustrations, these cards are guaranteed to help bring a festive smile on anybodies face.

10690261_779839702062773_2594966136836684799_n 10556472_779839692062774_1180878004672370624_n 1518278_779839695396107_5266144122727010584_n 10352894_779839732062770_7002123946165894489_n

A Visit from Santa

3 Dec

Father Christmas has been very busy this year but he has taken the time to stop off at Slanchogled and drop off a few magical gifts ready to give to the young children who are anticipating the sound of reindeer’s hoofs on their roof.


We have beautiful gift sets for both young boys and girls. Collaging, glitter boards, colouring in, stamping and many many more. They all have beautiful and bright illustrations guaranteed to be a hit with the kids.

And why not get the children to be creative as well. We have a large selection of folded card and envelopes in a variety of colours where they can stamp, cut, draw or paint a festive Christmas card. Or even to write their very own letter to Father Christmas.



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