Easter Bunnies & Colourful Eggs

10 Apr
“Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life.”    - S.D. Gordon

Chocolate bunnies, colourful eggs, baby chicks and the fresh smell of daffodils, Easter is a cause for celebration and a moment for creation. Celebrate the springs arrival and the winters slumber with us at Slanchogled by getting creative and doing what we do best, which is to plant the seeds of  inspiration and provide you with the tools to complete inspiring Easter treats.




DSC_0246Decorating eggs are an iconic and creative expression for each Easter and here at Slanchogled we have a made a few of our own to inspire our customers. From clay moulds, wooden cut outs, and polystyrene eggs the options are endless for these blank surfaces waiting for a splash of colour, some felting, lace, ribbon or even washi tape.



DSC_0237Funny characters, cuddly characters and smiley characters, our MDF cut outs, wooden shapes and Russian dolls are a perfect excuse for young and old to create their very own Easter characters, to paint or draw faces and decorate with our wide selection of bows, beads and ribbon.



So get creating! Come along to Slanchogled and get the tools needed to build and create your Easter arts and crafts. And like our fluffy bunny digging for carrots, come dig for inspiration in our store.




Spring Time in Slanchogled

18 Mar
“Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning”   - Lewis Grizzard

Springtime has arrived here at Slanchogled and to show our appreciation for the blooming flowers and shining sun we have done what we do best and started to create in the hope that we will inspire our customers to join in with us.

Flowers, birds, bees, bunny rabbits, easter eggs, spring is full of loads of wonderful things.

And what better way to brush off the winter chill than to create your very own flower garlands. These wonderful hanging paper blossoms look like magical sugar plum fairies dancing in the sunlight. And they are simple enough to create. A dab of glue, a piece of string and a spring of beads and these floating blossoms will help knock the winter out and make way for the spring.






When it comes to the spring season, a call for celebration comes for Easter, mothers day, all the spring birthdays and a celebration purely of the sun, an excuse to get out in the garden, and more importantly to get creating. A perfect excuse to buy a beautiful card and wrap a present in some beautiful paper.





Spring is an excuse to get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine, and while you are outside enjoying the warmth of the spring sun why not pop into Slanchogled and buy some supplies to make your own spring creations. A few buttons, paper leaves, ribbons, colored paper, paints, all wonderful things to help create spring art projects. Whats the best way to get creative this spring in Slanchogled’s opinion? Grab a sketchbook, some paints and pencils, go the park, sit in the grass, feel the warmth on your skin, and paint the flowers…







Spring is here, visit Slanchogled to help celebrate.

“I am going to try and pay attention to the spring. I am going to look around at all the flowers, and look up at the hectic trees. I am going to close my eyes and listen” - Anne Lamott


6 Feb

“Love is not love which alters it when alteration finds, or bends with the remover to remove: O no! It is an ever fixed mark that looks on tempests and is never shaken; it is the star to every wandering bark whose worth’s unknown, although his height be taken. Love’s not Time’s fool, though rosy lips and cheeks within his bending sickle’s compass come: Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks, but bears it out, even to the edge of doom.”

(Sonnet 116) –  William Shakespeare, Shakespeare’s Sonnets


As we enter February we are brought into what can be considered the most romantic month of the year. Children and adults alike are enchanted by Valentines day and what better way to celebrate this year than by getting creative, and here at Slanchogled we are filling the store with love and inspiration for all our customers.

Valentines day to us is about sharing the love with everyone, whether it be your husband, boyfriend, sister, mother, or the secret crush you’ve had your eye on. Valentines day is a day for all and a day for all to express their love and care for someone. And what better way to express your love than to create your own personalised card or to wrap your present in some of our poetically beautiful wrapping paper and large variety of ribbons. To get even more creative why not make some of our heart  streamers. By simply using paper hearts and some hemp string these beautiful streamers add a valentines atmosphere almost instantly.




Another creative activity for you to take part in this valentines is to create some of our gorgeous flower balls. By simply using felt strips wrapped round like a small rose, a large polystyrene ball and some glue to hold them all in place these felt flower arrangements are perfect for valentines dinners, or just as an eye-catching flower piece for any room.




The options are endless for creative activities for both children and adults this valentines, so why not pop in and see what you can create for the one your love this month.

Calligraphy Workshop

8 Jan


Slanchogled London embraces and encourages all different types of art. One specific art style that we are celebrating at the moment is the art of calligraphy. Learning calligraphy will help develop skills for an art that inscribes words so they show integrity, a beautiful rhythm and creative fire.


The word calligraphy is usually defined by its two Greek roots: kalli meaning beautiful and graphia referring to writing. Over the years handwriting seems to have lost the attraction it once had. What was once beautifully handwritten letters is now replaced with technology, and yet beautiful calligraphy holds a tremendous expression and finesse that technology just cannot replace. For to send a beautifully handwritten letter to your beloved ones is a eternally precious thing that would always be treasured.

This is why Slanchogled is very proud to be hosting a Calligraphy Workshop with the talented calligraphy and graffiti artist Nikolay Petrov. The very same talented artist who created our shop sign and the much admired calligraphy work in our interior.


The workshop will be running on January the 31st from 6.30pm till 8.30pm. So come along and learn how to create stunning calligraphy that will be a timeless skill to have.

The workshop costs £25 per person and all materials will be included, and please note that no previous experience is needed.

Be sure to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Additionally if your are interested to find out more about the talented Nikolay Petrov then please visit this link to see the many examples of his beautiful calligraphy and graffiti - http://www.behance.net/oneflak


A Bright Christmas at Slanchogled.

20 Nov

It’s that time of year again there is frost on the ground and a chill in the air. Christmas is coming and at Slanchogled we have been busy making all kinds of magical decorations for you to enjoy and make at home. Image

Here is our nativity scene. It looks fantastic and is simple and fun to make. We created our characters by threading wooden beads on to cotton reels. We then added felt for their clothes and used Posca paint pens to draw on the faces. The stars are made using our glass beads tied on to invisible string, stuffing for clouds, raffia for the hay in the barn and our card board Christmas trees for the background.


You can make an advent calendar with a difference this year. We have suspended carefully numbered parcels from the ceiling using simple papers and hemp string. We then added some sparkle by hanging baubles amongst them.


Our glitter covered stars can be used to make vibrant decorations, Christmas cards and to add flair to your present wrapping.


You can find glass jars full of coloured beads on the branches of our tree. 


They are dotted amongst our snowmen, reindeer and elves. 


We are looking forwards to the celebrations ahead with reefs, reindeer, wooden trees and shiny shapes in our arty grotto on Chalk Farm road. See you soon. 



Brand new winter Wednesday workshops.

8 Nov


We are very excited to announce the winter craft workshops we have organised for our Wednesdays after school arts and crafts club. Each week we will have different winter craft activities for you to enjoy including sewing, puzzle drawings, Christmas card design, snow globe making and more. Spaces get booked up quickly so please book in advance to avoid disappointment. See you there…


15 Oct

Its Autumn already. The leaves are turning red and yellow and the air is getting cold. Halloween is on the horizon and we have been having a lot of fun making ghoulish ghosts, bloodied hands and creepy hand drawn Russian dolls.


Halloween is the one time of year that we can dress up like scary characters, trick or treat, and embrace the spooky and ghoulish stories. Slanchogled has chosen to embrace Halloween in the best way we know how, by creating and crafting our own Halloween themed objects. By embracing the ghouls, bats and skulls we hope to inspire our customers to join in with the fun and creativity.

So what kind of things can you make?




Our bloodied hands are a great example of a simple and yet effective spooky craft that everyone can do, guaranteed to have a scary effect. A simple product list of a wooden drawing hand, a plastic glove, rubber band, red acrylic paint and a pencil or pen to place in the hand. The instructions on how to assemble them are even simpler. Firstly, place the glove and elastic band onto the hand. Secondly (and this is the fun part) splash the red acrylic paint over the gloves to resemble blood. And finally, move the hands in the position that you prefer and place your pen or pencil to complete the creepy, amputated bloodied hand.



When we think of Halloween what kind of creatures do you think of? How about a ghoulish ghost floating in mid air. With a polystyrene ball, a cheese cloth, some felt cut outs and clear nylon string you can create your own ghost using just these four products. Just cut out the eyes and mouth you want with the felt, stick onto the polystyrene ball, cover with the cheese sheet and simply hang up with clear nylon string.



Brown acrylic paint, hemp twine, a paintbrush and some polystyrene shaped skulls is all you need to create these spine-chilling skulls. Paint the skulls with the acrylic paint using a dry brush and then string them together, hang from the ceiling to complete your spooky skulls.






If you enjoy painting or drawing then for this Halloween why don’t you make your own creepy Russian doll. You can create whatever your imagination comes up with, from monsters and witches to Frankenstein to skeletons, the Russian dolls are a blank canvas for you to go wild. To decorate as we have done you can use pen, pencil, acrylic paint and a personal favorite of ours, the POSCA Pens, which with their vibrant colours can create vivid images.




To continue with our holiday theme why not check out our felt spiders, skulls, cats and bats already pre cut for you to get crafty with. There are many different crafts that you can do with these felt creatures, for example as we have crafted ourselves, using some clear nylon string you can thread them through the creatures to complete a hanging display. Or you could sew them onto some contrasting colored felt to create a place mat or table feature. The options are endless for these cut outs.



Halloween is a time to get crafty and creative, with so many creatures and spooky things to make there is no reason why your house shouldn’t be the scariest this year. Lets get creating.


















Arts & Crafts Wednesdays

15 Aug

School is back, and so are our Arts & Crafts Wednesdays! Taking place weekly between 16.15 – 17.15, they are a great way to get creative after school, and spend a nice afternoon making new friends!

creative workshops for children, arts and crafts wednesdays

Here’s the program for this autumn:

18th September – Design and decorate your own birdhouse

Use pens and paints, buttons, and beads to create a quirky cool birds house.

25th September – Graffiti workshop

Learn how to write graffiti style and create your own graphic art using paint pens on canvas.

2nd October – Picasso Paintings

Get inspired by Picasso’s incredible work and paint your own painting inspired by him using acrylics paints on canvas.

9th October – Autumnal Life Drawing

Our autumnal themed life-drawing workshop aims to engage and inspire. We will look at shape and form as well as light and dark and learn how to begin drawing from life.

16th October – Make your own clock

Take your time designing and decorating a funky wooden clock using mixed media and paint pens.

23rd October – Nature Mobiles

Bring nature inside as you create a beautiful wooden mobile for your room using a wide variety of materials from bark to ribbon.

Please note these workshops are designed for children aged 6 – 12.

Advance booking is necessary as we like to keep groups small and cosy – call us on 02072844762, or email contact@slanchogled.com to reserve your place!

Price: £10 per workshop

Adult Workshops This Autumn

13 Aug

We are excited to announce a range of brand new workshops for adults. They will continue to run every Tuesday, 18.30 – 20.30 in our lovely studio space.

Creative workshops fro adults, arts and crafts camden

Tuesday 17th September and Tuesday 8th October – Cards Crafts

Let your creativity run wild at our cards crafts workshop. This two hour workshop will encourage you to develop your own new ideas, as you learn some of the secrets behind making stylish and quirky home made cards.

Tuesday 24th September – Paper cutting

Learn how to paper cut and create your own beautiful cut out pictures. Take inspiration from a range of paper cuttings to learn how to effectively produce your designs using a scalpel and a cutting mat.

Tuesday 1st October – Scrapbooking

Learn how to bind and build your very own unique scrapbook using a wide selection of high quality papers, tread, buttons and more in a fun and sociable environment.

Tuesday 15th October – Decoupage Key Cupboards

Choose from a wide range of papers and serviettes and create a shabby chic key cupboard for your home, at our decoupage workshop.

Tuesday 22nd  October – Halloween costume making

Get your costume ready for Halloween and our spooky Halloween workshop where you can stitch, sew, stick and paint to create a suitably horrifying costume.

Booking is easy as usual, just give us a call on 02072844762, or let us know your preferred session by email, at contact@slanchogled.com!

Price £25 per workshop.

Illustration Course

12 Aug

Every Monday 16th September – 14th October, 16.30 – 18.00

illustration course, arts and crafts camden, workshops for children

Every Monday 16th September – 14th October, 16.30 – 18.00

This five week course will encourage you to develop your drawing skills and you will learn how to tell your stories through drawing and illustration. We will explore and experiment with a wide variety of styles and learn how to draw using a mix of materials. We will work in the studio each Monday at Slanchogled as well as spending time drawing in coffee shops and if the weather holds up parks too.

Week One. Monday 16th September

We will meet at Tower 47 on Chalk Farm road for a hot chocolate and a sketch. Here we will observe and draw the objects, people and space around us.

Week Two. Monday 23rd September

You will be encouraged to let your imagination and sense of humour run wild as you learn how to transform ordinary objects in to quirky characters through a variety of drawing games and exercises. We will also spend time looking at an eclectic mix of work by professional illustrators this can inform and inspire your own work.

Week Three. Monday 30th September

Developing on last weeks work we will work together to develop a number of quirky illustrated characters. We will draw and build them together in the workshop at Slanchogled.

Week Four. Monday 7th October

This week we will meet on Primrose hill. Here we will take our illustrated characters out in to the real world. We will assemble them in the most peculiar of places and photograph them along the way.

Week Five. Monday 14th October

This week we will reflect upon our photographs and use them to inform our creative writing as we arrange them and tell weird and wonderful illustrated tale in our own stylish illustration books.

Spaces are limited to 6 people and they fill up fast, so please book in advance by calling us on 02072844762, or dropping us an email at contact@slanchogled.com

Price: £75 for 5 weeks (includes all materials)

This recurring course, developed by Jenny Dowdell, is intended for children aged 9 – 14.


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