A doll house paradise

14 Jul

Do you have a doll house or want to start making your own? We have a lot of fun ways you can customise and create your own dolls paradise.  Here is a nice design for your very own cutlery rack to add that personal touch to your dolls kitchen or pantry.

We used our pack of wooden cutlery and gave them a lovely hand painted design using simple acrylic paint.  We then had a great idea to create a rack to display them on, using our slotted lolly pop sticks.  A small drop of glue can be added to the slots for extra strength and support.  An etching tool also comes in very handy to add small details like the white do to the bowls.



Lavender, the smell of relief

30 Jun

We have been having more fun with texture paste here at Slanchogled.  As we have seen in our last post the texture paste is a thick, creamy material you can use to create layers of relief onto a flat surface.

How we created this piece was by combining the texture paste along with decoupage. Firstly we found a lovely image of lavender that was on a paper napkin.  We carefully cut out the image from the napkin, tracing the outline onto one of our blank wooden plaques that we stock in various shapes and sizes.

Using the a brush we painted the texture paste on the inside of the outline and allowed to try.  We then used decoupage medium to stick and seal the image on top of the texture paste and finished it off by painting the rest of the plaque with a thinner layer texture paste and etched a short message into it using our etching tool.  ‘simplicity is just a matter of focus’



Meanwhile, at the bottom of the sea…

28 Jun

We know how much you love the beach and all the summer adventures it brings, so we have a new craft idea for you.


Introducing texture paste – a lovely thick, creamy material you can use to create layers and three-dimensional images. We crafted the water and the ocean floor from it, using the pictured tools, and added colour on top with acrylic paints once dry. The tiny broom provided our make-believe seaweed, and the bubbles and sand are just tiny glass beads, incorporated in the background (make sure to do it before it dries).


You can add colorful fish and other sea creatures, a buried treasure or a message in a bottle like we did – just stick them on the wet texture paste, no glue needed.


We put our underwater landscape in a box frame.


Fun and easy paper embossing

10 Jun

Have you ever seen a lovely, crisp and cleanly embossed design on paper and thought you would like to achieve the same effect?

We have thought of an easy and fun way to emboss at home.  Here we have used one of our paper working tools that we offer in a pack of three different sizes, depending on how precise or soft you want your emboss to be.  Our plywood laser-cut designs also offer a great template to create the emboss.

Simply place  your chosen paper over the top of the positive cut out image from the plywood and use the paper working tool to press the paper, following the outline of the design.  It is as easy as that and can add a subtle touch to a personalised card or letter.



Wedding bells

4 May

Do you know someone who is about to walk down the aisle?  Why not share with them all of your best wishes on a personalised card.  We have a selection of blank cards and envelops that are a fresh canvas for you to make someone’s big day a little sweeter.

This card was made using our kraft card and gluing realistic wood grained paper to it.  Then we added a laser cut plywood Mr & Mrs singe.  We then topped it off with our small paper roses, of which we have a section colours available.




Personalise an Easter mobile

24 Mar

Here is the ingredients needed to make your very own Easter mobile.  Our simple die cut mobile template is a great place for your imagination to run away! In this example we painted the plywood eggs with acrylic paint and etched into them while they where still wet.

You can also use Washi tape if your prefer and also Posca pens give lovely smooth graphic effect on the plywood, why not try mixing them together and see what happens  : )


Springtime visitors

23 Mar

Easter wouldn’t be the same without the all favourite baby chicks. On our fence we have a mama hen as well, bringing Easter greetings.

We made them through layering foam clay on top of plywood egg shapes – and so are the trees. You can easily mix the colours of the foam clay to achieve new shades. We have also added a couple of paper flowers on the trees, and the fence is constructed from colourful lolly sticks.


All eggs in one basket

22 Mar

They say you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket, but this is exactly what we did… like the little rebels that we are.

If you also like to live dangerously, why not use burlap to make the basket and wrap hemp string around some wire for the handle. Then you can decorate our plywood eggs using paint, washi tape or ribbon.



Helping you celebrate a creative Easter

17 Mar

Easter is quickly approaching and we thought it would be a great idea to show you some creative Easter decorations that you can make from materials found here at slanchogled.

Over the coming days we will be posting one finished idea along with the breakdown for the materials needed to create it.



Hungry for air drying foam

10 Mar

We stock a wide range of unfinished products that are blank canvases awaiting your creative side to add the icing on the cake.  Speaking of icing! Here is an example of what can be achieved with our basic air drying foam.  A beautiful way to decorate these small containers, looks good enough to eat!