Crafts For All Senses

25 Oct

Hello Friends!

As you may know, we have already been open for almost four months and now that our two floors are getting fuller and fuller with inspirational materials, we’d like to invite you to our very first open event, and also sort of a “Slanchogled Warming Party”

Join us for this fun, creative and relaxed Saturday, we’ll be here to welcome you with a smile and make you feel comfortable among the abundance of colours, shapes, patterns and textures.

We’ve seen how much you love to wander around the raw wood shelves and palettes full of details of all sizes and colours, becoming more and more curious, your faces lighting up from all the ideas that pop into your minds while you’re here. “I am like a child in a candy shop”, an elderly lady says as I am writing this, with excitement you often only see on children’s faces, “I love this feeling!”

We know that you appreciate creativity in your lives as much as we do, and that you want to know and to experience more.

That’s why we want to share with you both the relaxing atmosphere in which to create, and the inspiration, in the form of the diversity of materials you can use, and the advice from the artists working with us.

On this event you will have the chance to learn more about different materials and techniques, go wild with your own imagination, and even walk out with something you made yourself!

A group of artists will be demonstrating how you can use simple materials to create something original, and you will be invited to play with the brushes, paints, modelling clay, papers and many more.

Once you’ve reached a satisfying result, you can relax in the company of gentle, live string music and delicious bites in the cosy “cushion area” downstairs.

Also, this will be an opportunity for us to celebrate with you the successful first couple of months we’ve been here and to return the warm welcome we received from you at the very beginning.

Thank you for sharing our excitement and we hope to see you very soon!

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