How To Make Paper PomPoms

30 Jul

As many of you will know, we have lovely paper pompoms hanging on display here at the shop. When people first see them we often get asked “how do you make them?”. So we thought we would put together a quick how to guide to show you how to make your very own paper pompoms. It’s easy once you’ve got the know how!


Step 1) You will need approx 4 sheets of tissue paper and some paper coated wire. Cut the wire to the desired length of which you want the pompom to hang. Then, place the 4 sheets on top of one another and fold together in half.

ImageImageStep 2: Repeatedly fold the tissue paper over onto it’s self in a concertina type fashion until all the paper has been folded, and the final result resembles a fan.

ImageImageStep 3: Fold the folded tissue paper in half to find the middle point and twist one end of the wire around it.

ImageImageStep 4: You’re nearly there. Now using scissors, round off the two ends of the tissue paper.

ImageImageImageImageStep 5: The final step! Gently pull apart each layer of tissue paper on both sides. Fan out the paper as much as possible for the pompoms to appear full and you’re finished!

You should now have a beautiful paper pompom ready to hang. Try experimenting with different coloured layers of tissue paper and wire or you can even keep them all the same. Good luck!

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