Calligraphy Workshop

8 Jan


Slanchogled London embraces and encourages all different types of art. One specific art style that we are celebrating at the moment is the art of calligraphy. Learning calligraphy will help develop skills for an art that inscribes words so they show integrity, a beautiful rhythm and creative fire.


The word calligraphy is usually defined by its two Greek roots: kalli meaning beautiful and graphia referring to writing. Over the years handwriting seems to have lost the attraction it once had. What was once beautifully handwritten letters is now replaced with technology, and yet beautiful calligraphy holds a tremendous expression and finesse that technology just cannot replace. For to send a beautifully handwritten letter to your beloved ones is a eternally precious thing that would always be treasured.

This is why Slanchogled is very proud to be hosting a Calligraphy Workshop with the talented calligraphy and graffiti artist Nikolay Petrov. The very same talented artist who created our shop sign and the much admired calligraphy work in our interior.


The workshop will be running on January the 31st from 6.30pm till 8.30pm. So come along and learn how to create stunning calligraphy that will be a timeless skill to have.

The workshop costs £25 per person and all materials will be included, and please note that no previous experience is needed.

Be sure to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Additionally if your are interested to find out more about the talented Nikolay Petrov then please visit this link to see the many examples of his beautiful calligraphy and graffiti –


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