Easter Bunnies & Colourful Eggs

10 Apr
“Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life.”    – S.D. Gordon

Chocolate bunnies, colourful eggs, baby chicks and the fresh smell of daffodils, Easter is a cause for celebration and a moment for creation. Celebrate the springs arrival and the winters slumber with us at Slanchogled by getting creative and doing what we do best, which is to plant the seeds of  inspiration and provide you with the tools to complete inspiring Easter treats.




DSC_0246Decorating eggs are an iconic and creative expression for each Easter and here at Slanchogled we have a made a few of our own to inspire our customers. From clay moulds, wooden cut outs, and polystyrene eggs the options are endless for these blank surfaces waiting for a splash of colour, some felting, lace, ribbon or even washi tape.



DSC_0237Funny characters, cuddly characters and smiley characters, our MDF cut outs, wooden shapes and Russian dolls are a perfect excuse for young and old to create their very own Easter characters, to paint or draw faces and decorate with our wide selection of bows, beads and ribbon.



So get creating! Come along to Slanchogled and get the tools needed to build and create your Easter arts and crafts. And like our fluffy bunny digging for carrots, come dig for inspiration in our store.




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