Fall in Love with Watercolours

14 May
‘After a thousand watercolors you will find you have fallen in love with paper and paint.’ – Rex Brandt

wtaercolor-4465Watercolour has the ability to transform a small piece of paper into an explosion of colours. Like a dance of colours flowing into one another and flowing in the direction of the water, watercolours are perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon in the garden or park painting the flowers.


wtaer-4460If you are a beginner with watercolours the best thing to know before you start is that practice makes perfect, and don’t be afraid to get a bit messy. That’s the fun of watercolours, the colours blending together and flowing in different directions. You can start controlled and with detail or you can just go wild with very loose strokes. The main thing to remember with watercolours is that you can always add more, it is better to start off very light and watery and then to decide if you need a deeper colour in which you can just add extra colour, or even different colours for a mix and different depth.


brushesdown-4448For the beginners and the experts Slanchogled has brushes and paints to suit all. We have specialist brushes that will hold the water perfectly for the watercolours, and paints that will last a lifetime.

And while your here why not check out our sale brushes? £1.95 each and great quality, its a deal that is going quick with popularity so come check them out soon before they all disappear.













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