Lavender, the smell of relief

30 Jun

We have been having more fun with texture paste here at Slanchogled.  As we have seen in our last post the texture paste is a thick, creamy material you can use to create layers of relief onto a flat surface.

How we created this piece was by combining the texture paste along with decoupage. Firstly we found a lovely image of lavender that was on a paper napkin.  We carefully cut out the image from the napkin, tracing the outline onto one of our blank wooden plaques that we stock in various shapes and sizes.

Using the a brush we painted the texture paste on the inside of the outline and allowed to try.  We then used decoupage medium to stick and seal the image on top of the texture paste and finished it off by painting the rest of the plaque with a thinner layer texture paste and etched a short message into it using our etching tool.  ‘simplicity is just a matter of focus’



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