Shake the end of summer blues

6 Oct

With the summer just about to pass us by, leaving us with the falling leaves of autumn and the quickly approaching cold, dark nights of winter.  It can be very easy to get a case of the end of summer blues!

Here at Slanchogled we thought it would be a lovely idea to create a personalised photo album for all those wonderful sun soaked memories.  How nice would it be to cosy up with your loved ones and flick through your summer photos.  A sure way to get rid of those mean ol’ blues… maybe even start plan next years get away.

For this design we first started by painting the front of our sketch book album white then taking a wood carving tool we scraped the lines across the front to give a wooden plank effect.  For the summer 2016 text we used our plywood stencil pack.  The pack features the full alphabet in upper case text and numbers from one to ten along with &,@ symbols.  The great features of the alphabet stencil set is that you can use both the positive and negative cut outs, just like we have here.






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