Fluffy friend

20 Feb

Who is waiting by the lampshade? It is our new puppy friend, made out of pipe cleaners. The lamp is a small bell attached to a stub wire and the wall decorations we leave to you and your imagination.


Happy Valentines Day!

14 Feb
Happy Valentines day, love Bear. This tiny bear with his movable arms and legs only has one mission in life.. and that is to bring a smile to that special persons face on Valentines day.


Saturday at the doll house…

13 Feb

After picking up a fresh bouquet of flowers on your way, you have popped inside the doll house for some tea and biscuits. Your bike is leaning against the sunny side of the house and waiting for you to continue. What more can you need on a Saturday?


outout mat

Built for two

12 Feb

Daisy, Daisy give me your answer do… We are half crazy for our laser cut plywood tandem. With balloons made from our Artemio paper punch and tied with waxed cotton string.12ef921c0d55dcee9a15307b90464319

B for Bear’s Bedroom.

12 Feb

In his room, Teddy has a felt blanket and a ribbon pillowcase with some stuffing inside. The wallpaper is made out of bubbly textured paper, and the lamp – from a polystyrene ball and curled wire. The wooden shelves add a stylish touch to the room.

What about your Teddy’s bedroom?teddyteddy mat

Tiny room for book lovers.

11 Feb

Embossed papers make for great wallpaper and carpet in our room. A piece of silver card is the mirror, and the lamp is made from a thin foam layer, wire and a small bell at the bottom.

Use card and wooden sticks to design your shelves, and for the books – colourful paper and foam sheets will do the trick.

bookbook mat

Views from the dollhouse

10 Feb

Here at Slanchogled, it is time to get creative again. This time, we are customizing kraft boxes, turning them into miniature rooms.

Pipe cleaners are coming alive as dogs, paper turns into lampshades, umbrellas and bags, ribbon is transformed to curtains and pillows.

In the next couple of days, we will show you the materials we used for each one of our six tiny rooms.


Ways to say I love you

9 Feb

Valentine’s Day is nearly here. And making something with you own two hands for your loved one is a powerful and personal gesture.

Here are some of our ideas for small gifts – we especially like the tiny bottle of love and the postbox for love letters.val

Hanging garlands to make with kids

10 Nov

Making garlands is a fun and creative activity do to with children – even more so when you are collecting your own materials. Luckily, late autumn is just the right season for this – you will find plenty of pine cones, acorns and twigs in your nearest park.

You can add fluffy white pompoms, tiny bells, beads, or felt shapes for a Christmassy finish. Let your imagination run wild.

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All-natural wool from Bulgaria

8 Nov

Whether you want to try something new, or yarn is an old friend of yours, natural wool is the best material to use. Here at Slanchogled we offer a range of knitting and felting supplies, courtesy of sheep all over Bulgaria. 

The beautiful colours and textures will surely inspire you.