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Big helpers for tiny hands

25 Jun

These have been our young artists’ favourite tools recently. For a couple of weeks we left several samples of Da Vinci’s brushes for children on a table top at the shop and we encouraged the curious to try them out. It didn’t take long before all the kids were trying on the finger brushes to find the one that fitted best. The paints on the side would then be damped and colours quickly spread around as drawings, signatures and messages.

The experience is close to painting with fingers, highly tactile, but it also introduces basic brush techniques. That makes finger brushes great for learning how to paint from an early stage.

Later, the exciting challenge is getting used to holding a brush in a tight but comfortable way that will let the child explore and enjoy painting more. But just like pens and pencils, brushes too can be shorter, to assist a small hand. And less round, to avoid too much rolling away – it takes a tight grasp in order to respond to a young creative mind’s artistic adventures!

There are some purely technical advantages as well – the length and fibre of these brushes allow just the right amount of water to carry, as children, often driven by their high creative enthusiasm, tend to take up too much paint or water. The handle is flat on one side and it secures the grip. This makes it useful not only for children but also for anyone who might be having difficulties with finger-coordination.


Touch, the sense of the skin and particularly the hand, is not purely tactile, just as painting is never purely a visual experience. When exploring an unknown area, we tend to focus on the senses we need to acquire certain skills for with. But, with an interplay of the senses, in this case visual supplemented by tactile, a strong mental image is composed and it reflects the experience back on a whole new level.

From Me to You

15 Jun

If you try to think how many of your friends’ addresses you know by heart… I, for one, can say – precisely one. It has been my unfulfilled intention for a while, to have a full address book, with a nice leather cover, collaged with letters from different alphabets on the front. How convenient would that be if I visit a nice place and instantly want to share it with someone in particular, especially since I don’t own a smartphone and cannot just update my status…

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about offline communication – endearing in its old fashion and inevitably being swept away by the ever-growing network of online opportunities. I live away from many of my closest friends, I like traveling, and so I started thinking of ways to surprise someone dear in true old-fashioned manner while also adding a personal creative touch.

So I grabbed a glass jar, filled it with water, opened a set of watercolours and got a small rectangular piece of thick paper.

What follows is a blissful experience for both sender and recipient!

With the contact of the soft brush and the paper, you instantly feel the flawless way in which the water spreads the colours through. They quickly take shape and you can guide them into beautiful, mesmerizing visual swirls.


You can play with sceneries, figures, city landscapes, flowers… Your lucky recipient, on the other hand, will  be truly moved by the special handcrafted postcard!

Imagine finding such a card in your post among advertising flyers and brown envelopes! It really takes as little as this to make someone’s day. (Just remember to put a stamp too!)