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Lighthouse Workshop

11 Aug


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In just under two weeks it will be time for our lighthouse work shop for kids! We’ve been busy preparing and are very excited to give you a sneak peek at what you could be making.

The lighthouse is made from wooden pieces and also comes with a fully working light to shine brightly in your room. You will get the opportunity to then decorate your lighthouse with paint, pens and moss to create that seaside feel as well as trying your hand at a bit of electronics.

Spaces on our workshops have booked up fast but we still have some availability. If you’d like to join us and create your very own lighthouse then you can email us at contact@slanchogled.com or give us a call on 0207 284 4762.

Don’t forget we have many other workshops for kids (and grown ups) if you’d like to try something different. Check our facebook or website for more details of whats coming up this summer.

Summer Crafternoons

7 Jul


With school nearly finished we’re excited for the summer holidays to start! We’ve got a packed summer full of crafternoons over July and August . We’ve planned five days of workshops, each holding a different creative adventure, and not only that, but we’ll also spend twice as much time on our exciting projects than usual!

We’ll be meeting every Wednesday and Friday between Friday 26th July and Friday 30th Augustfrom 2pm to 4pm. You can join a single workshop or come to all of them! Just remember to book in advance as spaces are limited to 8 per session.

We Love to Gift Wrap

4 Jul



Here at Slanchogled we love gift wrapping. We do this as a complimentary service for you. If you’re chosing a present for someone then just let us know and we would love to gift wrap it for you, because we enjoy doing it with every single fold of the paper.


Get Creative With Paper Butterflies

25 Jun

Get Creative With Butterflies

We’ve created a simple yet beautiful display in store using cut out butterflies and paper coated wire.

We selected white butterflies with a pearl finish but you could chose any colour with either a pearl or matt look. Using a needle to pierce a hole in the butterfly, we then thread through some paper coated wire. Again we went for white but you could change the look with different colour paper wire. Once the wire has been thread through, simply create a loop/knot in the wire to ensure the butterfly does not move beyond this point. Then, thread as many butterflies on the wire as you would like (we went for approx 28).

We then decided to hang our string of butterflies from the ceiling and repeated the process several times to create a cascade of many falling butterflies.

You can always experiment using different colours and try hanging the butterflies from the ceiling as we did, or drape over objects to create a lovely decoration.

May Half Term Crafternoons

26 May


We have a fun filled few days ahead of us here at Slanchogled! It’s May half term and we’re ready to get creative! We have three days of crafternoons lined up for children aged 6+

Monday: “set making” 

Tuesday: “invent your own comic”

Wednesday: “make your own treasure box”

Booking is required as spaces are limited to 8 per session. To book, give us a call on 02072844762 or drop us an email at contact@slanchogled.com!

Arts & Crafts Wednesdays

15 Apr

Creative workshops children Slanchogled arts and crafts Camden

After an exciting Easter break packed with crafty activities, and with the sunshine finally out to inspire us all, here is our brand new program of creative workshops this Summer Term:

April 17th – Dream Catchers

April 24th – Jungle Window Painting

May 1st – Clay + Paint Dragond

May 8th – Make a Kite

May 15th – Fabric Painting: Make your own T-Shirt

May 22nd – Mask Decorating

Wednesdays, just after shcool – 4:15pm – 5:15pm

All workshops are suitable for ages 6 and up. Booking is required as spaces are limited to 6 per session. To book, give us a call on 02072844762 or drop us an email at contact@slanchogled.com!

Buckets Full of Sweets

30 Nov

It’s almost December and most of us are have already started the countdown to Christmas Day. Presents, decorations, dinner arrangements! None of it can wait.

Tomorrow marks the first day of the most festive month of the year, and with it, a lovely tradition will bring excitement to many homes. Advent Calendars will surprise with different sweets and candies every day, making the impatience for the big 25th grow.

Many of you have been so enthusiastic to make you own advent calendars and coming up with amazing ideas here at the shop! Here’s one of the alternative calendars we thought of:

advent calendar christmas slanchogled arts and crafts camden shop

25 small zinc buckets, decorated with coloured paper, hung on large wooden beads with a button at the front – there to keep you excited all throughout December!

Happy holidays and happy crafting!

Experts In Colour

12 Nov

Dylon Experts in Colour Fabric Dyes at Slanchogled arts and crafts shop Camden London
DYLON Fabric Dyes have been the “Dyes of London” for several decades now and have seen some of the most colourful times in the city, witnessing the boom of the textile industry, the passion of the rock and roll years and the DIY craze that came with it.

Dylon Fabric Dyes at Slanchogled art and craft shop Camden London

The ability to personalise any piece of clothing in your wardrobe or furniture in your home has remained as valued and accessible over the years. If you ever found yourself  thinking “I wish they had this top in another colour”, or if you’ve been thinking about refreshing the colours in your wardrobe and your home – you should know there is a rainbow of colours at your disposal, ready to suit all your current moods and desires.

Dylon Fabric Dyes at Slanchogled art and craft shop Camden London

The Dylon range includes fabric dyes for both machine and hand use in a large spectrum of colours, leather and shoe paints, and the very useful Wash & Dye, which has all-in-one ingredients you need to bring new life into those slightly faded dark-coloured fabrics.

Colour plays a huge role in our spatial perception, and in feeling comfortable and relaxed. Colour memories and associations are surprisingly strong which is why they can evoke certain feelings and have a long reaching effect on how we respond to a particular colour schemes.

You don’t have to be an expert to experiment – choose from vibrant, playful and more sophisticated tones, to add the colours you want to your accessories and loved items at home.

Dylon Experts in Colour Fabric Dyes at Slanchogled arts and crafts shop Camden London

For useful tips and hints on how to use DYLON fabric dyes, click here to have a look on their website.

Autumn Inspired

30 Oct

Acrylic felt, felt circles, shapes from felt

As the last beams of October make you want to curl up like a cat in the sun, here are some ideas about seasonal crafty adventures and how to make a lasting cosy feeling in your home.

Autumn is gently sliding us into winter, and so we choose the comfort of the softest materials and colours to surround ourselves with – felt, wool, natural twine, dried flowers able to endure the whole of the coming winter…

Our choice of colours could not be easier, for what else if not nature itself is using them with more precision and vibrancy at this time of year. The striking red and yellow that stand out among the green. The soft brown in the crunchy fallen leaves and, of course, the warm Halloween orange, which we love so much with black, and even with some purple…

hemp twine and ropeautumn leaves in a paper bag, slanchogled

Halloween gives a great opportunity to get crafty with quirky designs and clever ideas, and here’s a couple we came up with this year:

We made a woven spiderweb from hemp twine – some basic calculations and a very large roll of twine were enough for this natural-looking spiderweb; in addition we have these black felt spiders, two glued together on each side of the string, as if really crawling up and down the web.

hemp twine spiderweb, felt spiders, window display, slanchogledA felt cut out spider at Slanchogled

However you decide to dress up and decorate this year – here’s to autumnal colours and festivity, and the inspiration they all brings to us.

Window display of Slanchogled arts & crafts, Camden

Happy Halloween

26 Oct
“Will you walk into my parlour”, said the Spider to the Fly


Having Halloween fall on a Wednesday this year has had a surprisingly positive effect on spooky party planning. The more organised and impatient ones have already prepped up for the weekend before, and the rest will have another convenient option of celebrating the weekend after.

Whichever day and way in which you choose to celebrate this creepy crawly, black and orange feast, we hope you have great fun and come up with the most original dressing up ideas. And why not pop into our shop for a trick-or-treat next Wednesday – we’d love to see all the black spiders, face paints and feathers you’ve been getting into practice!