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Workshops for Children

17 Jan

workshops children arts and craftsFollowing the creative buzz of Christmas and all the crafty projects we did together during the festive season, here’s a new series of workshops for the young ones, aged 6 and over.

From modelling clay to constructing mosaics, drawing places of imagination, creating stories and new creatures – Jenny from Jenny’s Wonderwalls will be taking children on an exciting journey. They will experiment with a variety of materials to bring a fantasy world to life and share it with kids their age!

Workshops will take place every Wednesday between 4.30pm and 5.30pm, making the series an exciting and engaging after-school activity. Every week will bring a new theme, for this and next month, have a look at the detailed program on our Facebook page.

Places are taken quickly so call in advance to book!


Christmas Craft Workshops

15 Dec

workshops for children 7+ camden slanchogled arts  and crafts

Set your sail towards the sun

7 Jul

A year ago, full on with the wind in our sails, we brought to London our experience, ideas, passion for creativity, together with all the bright colours we could fit. Anniversaries usually suggest retrospection, and, looking back, we thought we’d mark the occasion in a way that brought us closer to the start.

We began the voyage of Slanchogled in maritime Varna, Bulgaria over fifteen years ago, full of passion and enthusiasm, dreams and ambition. As an independent business it is overwhelming to see where the tides have taken us, and to have met such inspirational, daring and creative open minds all along the way.

It has been a year now since we set our anchor in Camden. Sea metaphors aside, with the approaching of summer, our innate nautical passion seems to grow stronger.

A fascination with boats became particularly obvious this week as we put careful effort into making this beautiful one for our window. We really liked the way it turned out, so we made some smaller ones too.

The big one takes some time but the materials are basic – cardboard, transparent paper, a few wood sticks to make it stable. We had to look at real boats to get the right model and it inevitably made us wish for an actual one, but it was still a lot of fun putting it together, and satisfying to see it take genuine shape.

On a smaller scale, you can easily make your own nautical craftwork, and we will show you exactly how. This Sunday from 11am, you’re welcome to join our Sailing Ships workshop! And because it’s our special occasion, you’re in for a special treat – it will be free!

And because children are among those who enjoy summer the most, currently in high anticipation of the coming holidays, we dedicate this exclusive workshop to them. It will be delivered by one of their peers too – the 11 year-old Ognyan, whose passion for boats was recently fueled by a trip to the south coastline near Brighton.

Join us for this very special workshop to mark a great year that has passed, welcome an exciting summer ahead, and share our love for the sea.

A skill to quill

30 Jun

The beautiful and awe-inspiring art of quilling has had a strong tradition in Europe for hundreds of years. A decorative technique for churches and religious objects, a convenient substitute to expensive filigrees and paintings were both among its initial purposes in the past.

What makes its popularity constantly grow in recent years though must be its accessibility and simplicity of materials. It requires very few supplies: strips of coloured paper, scissors, some quilling tools and transparent glue.

The quilling paper strips are usually around 3mm wide, and you don’t even have to cut them yourself (although you could, or maybe just shred paper), they come in a rainbow of colours, ready to be curled, twisted, spiralled and shaped.

The basic tools are much like long needles (to twist strips around) and curved tweezers (for assembling), and can also be found ready-made. Accompanying them for smaller projects can be cocktail sticks and pins – anything that would make working on a small scale easier, especially when applying tiny dots of glue.

Although the technique itself has not changed significantly through the years, with the variety of supplies and tools now you could achieve anything from a miniature 3D design to a wall-size decoration.

All of this leads us to what is perhaps the most essential quilling tool, be it a non-material one: patience.

Quilling requires some time, which appears even longer to those who’ve just discovered the love and enthusiasm for this craft and are eager to start making their favourite designs. But as with anything, a little patience and a good practice from the very beginning pay off. And so making sure you start off with basic coils and gradually move on to more sophisticated shapes, will bring you rewarding results.

This weekend we will be showing you how to make those exact basic shapes as we pay tribute to this exquisite form of art. As you can guess, we’ve put a lot of time into making a display full of quilled cards!


If you’d like to join the Easy Quilling class, come along this Sunday, July 1st, between 11am and 1pm!

Cycle, Recycle, Upcycle

21 Jun

It’s Recycle Week!

Between June 18th and 24th, we’re happily taking our part in highlighting the importance of recycling, in time for Recycle Now’s week of events all around the UK.

This year’s initiative “Recycle – Home and Away” sees the partnership of local authorities, businesses and retailers in the promoting of the environmental benefits of recycling.

As essential as recycling is at present, what we’ve found to be particularly useful, creative and fun to do at the shop, is to actually convert the waste materials into tools of higher quality, whether for practical use or as quirky designs. “Upcycling”, as it is known as, is a thought-provoking process which makes you see the potential in everything you get your hands on but might be tempted to simply throw away. The importance of this skill is obvious and applicable in so many different areas, that mastering it guarantees satisfaction from both the creative process and the environmental contribution you’ve made.

Recycle Week’s theme this year is the plastic bottle – which must indeed be the toughest spin in the Re-Cycle. But since we (proudly) don’t use plastic materials, and still appreciate the importance of recycling and upcycling, we thought we would make visible the ways in which you can upcycle the most common waste materials around you.

So we did! We put the carton boxes from one of our latest deliveries in the most visible place – our window display. And in the spirit of two current events – Reclycle Week UK and Bike Week locally in Camden – we came up with this beautiful, easy-to-make, eye-catching, delightfully word-played design.

It has been stopping many passersby, making most of them take out their phones for a picture. That’s why we’ve added a special treat for those of you who like to take a photo – now you can upload it and share on Foursqaure to unlock a prize!

And, as usual, apart from giving ideas and examples, what we enjoy doing most is sharing the experience with you. The way we’re going to do it this weekend is by setting the theme of our workshops around re- and upcycling. Come along on both Saturday June 23rd & Sunday June 24th, between 11am and 1pm to make your own jewellery, baskets and decorations from waste materials!

Happy upcycling!