Brand new winter Wednesday workshops.

8 Nov


We are very excited to announce the winter craft workshops we have organised for our Wednesdays after school arts and crafts club. Each week we will have different winter craft activities for you to enjoy including sewing, puzzle drawings, Christmas card design, snow globe making and more. Spaces get booked up quickly so please book in advance to avoid disappointment. See you there…


Adult Workshops

1 Jul

ImageAdult Workshops Newest

Summer is here and with the sunshine we bring you brand new adult workshops for the months of July and August.

Try something new or advance your skills further in a variety of activities such as card cutting and decoupage, whilst getting familiar with a range of different materials. Workshops vary from creating cards and jewellery boxes to creating bespoke lampshades.

All levels of ability are welcome, from beginners to the more advanced. If you’re interested in one day or multiple days then please give us a call or email to book.


Get Creative With Paper Butterflies

25 Jun

Get Creative With Butterflies

We’ve created a simple yet beautiful display in store using cut out butterflies and paper coated wire.

We selected white butterflies with a pearl finish but you could chose any colour with either a pearl or matt look. Using a needle to pierce a hole in the butterfly, we then thread through some paper coated wire. Again we went for white but you could change the look with different colour paper wire. Once the wire has been thread through, simply create a loop/knot in the wire to ensure the butterfly does not move beyond this point. Then, thread as many butterflies on the wire as you would like (we went for approx 28).

We then decided to hang our string of butterflies from the ceiling and repeated the process several times to create a cascade of many falling butterflies.

You can always experiment using different colours and try hanging the butterflies from the ceiling as we did, or drape over objects to create a lovely decoration.


Christmas Craft Workshops

15 Dec

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